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This year has been a unique one, our limits have been tested in more ways than one - for everyone. 

Small businesses have been affected greatly due to the uncertain times of COVID-19. Just when we thought we had our entire years worth of collections lined out, we were hit with many unexpected challenges, twists and turns. But we are rolling with the punches and getting on with the show the best we can. 

We put our collections to production months in advance. Our CHILL collection was due to drop start of May, with production beginning March. As everyone is aware, COVID had a huge impact on our world from January onwards. At the time of placing our CHILL collection production order, we were unsure whether we would even be able to receive any off shore shipments to us. It was difficult time to navigate and we were faced with a number of choices:

1. Do we pause our collections / business until the world is in a better place.

2. Do we push ahead with our entire collection, potentially risking having hundreds of winter pieces either not arriving to us, or arriving once winter was already over.

3. Do we order a smaller collection, ride the wave, see how long production and shipment would take (if they'd arrive at all) and subsequently minimise the 'loss' if it went not how we planned.

We went with option 3. Now that we know what to expect, and have been given the greenlight for production and shipment (albeit, longer time frames and exorbitant shipping prices) we can push on with the remainder of our CHILL collection. 

We have decided to offer a PREORDER. This isn't something we normally do, but it is our way of allowing our amazing customer base (YOU GUYS)  a chance to GUARANTEE your chosen sizes / colourways. We hate to disappoint and have people missing out, and given the small wait time on their arrival, we thought allowing a preorder would be the least we could do :) 

The preorder period will run from the 8th of June - 15th of June. Exactly one week. Purchasing during this time will be the ONLY way that you will be guaranteed your size / colour. Outside of this period, we cannot guarantee stock levels or opportunities to purchase. 

All preordered items (only) will receive free shipping when they arrive. 
If you purchase IN STOCK items (lounge sets etc) alongside preorder items, the in stock items will be sent NOW, with preorder items being sent as soon as they arrive in studio. To clarify - You will be required to pay for the in stock items shipping. Preordered item shipping is on us ;).  You're welcome!

Preorder items will ship out in approx 5-6 weeks. Please note we will try our best to keep you updated on the status of these preorder items via social media. However, we will be unable to respond to email / dm enquiries regarding their whereabouts, BEFORE the 6 week timeframe. We appreciate your support and understanding with this. As always, we try our best to keep everyone satisfied with friendly customer service.