The process we undertake to bring our visions to life is one that is slow yet exciting. Our designs begins with Bec working in her studio to sketch her products ideas, draft, measure and create sewing patterns. She will then work and rework the measurements, pattern and design whilst sewing samples to ascertain whether the size / style is workable - this is largely a trial and error period - where many ideas simply are thrown out the studio door.

Once a design is finalised, a spec sheet is created, colour palettes are chosen, exclusive prints are drawn up and we hand all of this information over to our wonderful manufacturers to begin our second sampling process. 

We are very lucky to work with a small group of artisans who respect our product and the process. They first begin by naturally dying the fabrics to our shades of chosen perfection (or printed digitally for our exclusive prints). Our fabric is then gently stone washed to give a desired aged effect whilst also softening the fibres, this entire process can take up to 2 week to achieve. Lastly, a small group of seamstress' bring our products to life, these are then sent to us in our matching drawstring bags.

Our products are made in accordance to both ethical and sustainable practices. Our artisans and makers are paid fairly, and work under humane working conditions which includes working a maximum of 8 hours a day (which is inclusive of 2 lunch breaks), 5 days a week. We encourage a high level of sustainability when it comes to fabric usage - with off cuts being used to create our scrunchies and drawstring bags. Furthermore, our products are shipped to us with minimal single use plastics.